OJALÁ NIÑOS is a Place to Learn, offering Space, Materials, Ideas & Guidance so that children can freely explore and discover; share and learn together using Integrated & Interactive learning processes, in open classrooms to fostering creativity, critical thinking & self-confidence, through Science, Technology, Arts, Mathematics and Reading Encouragement, because this knowledge helps to improve critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity skills in children to contribute to their own development, the wellbeing of the community and to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH: Children explore in a garden and a hen house, where they learn how to grow their own food and taking care of the chickens. The objective is to promote an environmental awareness, ecological knowledge, attitudes, personal health, values, commitment to actions and ethical responsibilities for the rational use of natural resources with the purpose of achieving an adequate and harmonious union with Nature.


DIGITAL LITERACY: Digital skills are a powerful tool helping people connect, learn, engage with their community, and create more promising futures. With this lesson’s children gain the digital skills necessary to engage in a digital world and improve their own livelihoods. Kids learn how to use a computer and internet to explore and find relevant information for their education, for creativity or just for fun, responsibly and safely.


STAINED GLASS: The aim of this sessions is to develop an understanding of the creation process of stained glass windows and to learn how to apply the techniques needed, then apply those techniques to create a one of a kind project for the children to explore.

RECYCLED ART: The goal of this sessions is to promote environmental awareness and find new purposes for discarded items while children express themselves and create something of great value.


TUTORING: We introduced elementary and middle school tutoring programs to help reduce the educational gap due to the COVID pandemic. Through weekly tutoring, reading, writing, and math skills are improving significantly.

Reading Encouragement

STORYTELLING AND LITERATURE FOR CHILDREN: Reading enriches culture, improves language, develops the ability to concentrate and stimulates the imagination. These are some of the many benefits of promoting reading in children, that’s why Ojala Niños has lessons on storytelling and literature where kids sit in a circle to read and listen stories, and talk about their thoughts and feelings.

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Children are natural learners.
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