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A Watercolor Whimsy Workshop

This is a delightful virtual art workshop led by the award-winning mixed media artist, Cathy Taylor, Saturday, May 8 – 10 AM – 12 PM. You will have fun using a variety of materials, including everyday household items, splashing colors to bring textures and patterns into being that can morph into beautiful paintings or collages. This is your chance to play and create – and amaze yourself!

Cathy Taylor’s art is represented in museums, nature centers and private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad. She is the author of many published articles and the popular book, “Pigments of Your Imagination”, about creating with alcohol inks. She is also a SIGNATURE member and award winner of the International Society of Experimental Artists and the National Collage Society.

We are privileged to have Cathy living among us in San Miguel de Allende and offering her talents to benefit Ojala Niños, an integrated learning program for children in rural Mexico to inspire creativity, critical thinking skills and self-confidence, while opening the doors to opportunities. Upon reopening soon, we welcome volunteers for a variety of activities to support and enhance the program.

The materials for the workshop:

  1. Pad Bristol paper 9x12 or larger

  2. Watercolors: Tubes of your favorite colors, cheap ones are fine

  3. Brushes

Stuff from around the house:

  1. Markers & pens, stencils, stamps, stamp pads

  2. Plastic wrap, foam fruit tray, rubbing alcohol, waxed paper, tissues, coffee filters, Kleenex, scissors, glue

  3. Water container, paper cups, paper towels, apron

Info box:

  • Cost: $30.USD or 600 pesos



  • Saturday, May 8

  • 10 AM-12 PM

  • To register and buy your ticket: Click Here

  • More information at:

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