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Let the Children Play

When we talk about education, we all agree that it is essential to encourage reading, math operations, science and art, but all this has to be done in a fun way, children have the right to play and what better way to learn than by playing. That is why at Ojalá Niños we are always creating friendly and fun spaces for children in which they can not only learn, but also have fun and express themselves.

We recently received beautiful reading chairs from Jennifer, which are perfectly suited to our objective of teaching while having fun.

Meet Jennifer and her beautiful reading chairs!

"I was born in the mid-west some 70 years ago to a printer father and artist mother. I loved all kinds of arts and crafts and attended the Art Academy of Cincinnati. I also completed a masters degree in social work. I’ve had a life-long interest in children’s literature. I’ve donated these handmade chairs with the accompanying books to schools and libraries in the US, Ireland, Guatemala and Mexico. My hope is that reading the story while sitting in the character’s lap will stimulate a child’s imagination and desire to read many more books." - Jennifer

If you would like to help us continue to furnish our reading and playing area, you can do so by purchasing the furniture and items we need listed on our Amazon WishList.

Everyting will arrive directly at our address.

Clic here to check our WishList on Amazon.

Irene Fuentes

Executive Director

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