Caring During Covid


We certainly had no idea we would be unable to conduct our workshops and classes, still to date. We have, as the world, had a rough time during the last 6 months. Numbers have remained relatively low in our immediate area, yet cases are rising again in our State. We have followed the guidelines, taken classes, installed sanitation stations and prepare anxiously for when we can open our doors. We are occupying the founders house and adapting it to be an inviting safe space to continue offering the children in the community of San Miguel Viejo Hope, with opportunity!

Since April we have successfully been able to supply the kids with an at home activity and a takeaway snack once a week. We gave out crates with seeds so families could start their own garden, a project we hope to improve and continue this spring.

We have a Mom's cooperative that have also remained busy, at home creating wreaths made of PomPoms. One of our board members takes them to a holiday sale in the U.S. offering income to the women and exposure for our organization and community of San Miguel Viejo. SMV is rich in the region’s history. This is also a project we hope to launch. Tours of our site, the community and its Chapel founded in 1542.

We remain forever grateful to our staff, volunteers, supporters, and donors and to the families and children of San Miguel Viejo who trust us to inspire, celebrate, and encourage these young lives.

Please be safe, stay well and be kind.


Betty Lopez

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