You can change the life of 100 children

The pandemic has caused lags in learning and increased school dropouts, especially in the poorest areas where families have lost income and don’t have internet access to continue their education, this situation will affect children into adulthood.

We are living challenging times, for healthy reasons we had to reduce activities to the minimum and we urgently thought in the best way to continue supporting our kids. We have reinvented the way the organization work. We installed a sewing atelier where moms of the community are making facemasks to protect themselves and their families. We created educational kits for the children so they can continue learning and develop skills at home, for example we gave kits with paints, brushes, paper and the instructions so they were able to develop art skills.

As organization we want to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on learning and you are very important to help us reach this milestone. To face the Covid impact we developed an integrated and interactive learning processes about Science, Technology, Arts, Mathematics and Reading Encouragement, so children can foster critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity skills. All of these activities will happen in outdoor lessons in compliance with health safety measures, at no cost to these children... but, we need help to continue in 2021.

I want to invite you to join this effort to build a better future for these kids. Would you be interested in being sponsor for one year? your monthly contribution can make a huge impact. It is really easy to sign up and donate and you will receive a monthly report around the activities of Ojalá Niños.

*Clic on "Monthly Donation", select the amount of your preference or write other amount and follow the payment process

Irene Fuentes

Director of Communication Outreach

For more than 10 years, Ojala Ninos has offered a successful after-school program to more than 100 children in the community of San Miguel Viejo.

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