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Bárbara Rueda, originally from Coahuila but raised in Texas, arrived in San Miguel de Allende 16 years ago. After a distinguished 23-year career as an executive at General Motors, she made the decision to settle in this picturesque city. Transitioning from corporate life, she dedicated her focus to community involvement and helping others. Since then, Bárbara has been a dedicated volunteer for various nonprofits and co-founded Casa Hogar Corazon Valiente, a home for abandoned girls.

With her background as a strategic planner, Bárbara is well-equipped to lead Ojalá Niños forward. She is committed to strengthening the organization's current programs and developing new initiatives that inspire learning, create opportunities, and serve the greater community of San Miguel Viejo. Additionally, she oversees Ojalá Niños' budgeting and day-to-day operations, collaborating closely with the San Miguel Viejo Community, the Board of Directors, supporters, and, of course, the children and youth of Ojalá Niños.

At this point in her life, extending care to others, especially those lacking resources and opportunity, is Bárbara's priority and passion. She firmly believes it is the foundation upon which a good society is built. Bárbara is driven by the vision of creating a better world—a more just, loving, and creatively abundant world. She believes this change begins where individuals can make an impact: with neighbors, in communities, and within spheres of influence.

Bárbara considers herself blessed to have the time to devote to others and to utilize the experience and skills she has acquired in her professional life to help others pursue a life of abundance.


Witnessing mothers entrust their children to Ojalá Niños' Guides fills her with a sense of certainty—a trust that the organization is genuinely doing good for their sons and daughters. This trust, she knows, is earned through repeated demonstrations of dedication and integrity.

Having had the opportunity to see teenagers flourish when they find purpose in their lives, Bárbara maintains faith that the friends and supporters of Ojalá Niños, along with every other nonprofit aiding the underserved in their community, will awaken to the importance of their role in this race. She firmly believes they have received the baton and are entrusted with the task of enabling transformative possibilities for the next generation.


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