What is Ojalá?

Ojalá (Oh - hah - LA) is the word used by millions in Latin America to express a wish, a hope, or a dream. The word itself has an Arabic background, coming to us through multiple cultures and many centuries.


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We welcome you to visit the classes and to find your special place with Ojalá. We survive and thrive with your support. Please sponsor a campaign, make a monthly subscription, or a one-time donation. We thank you!



Our Song

We are the children of OJALÁ!

We paint, we plant, we build and we read;
We sing, we dance and we celebrate.

We find the good and praise it…
We hold on to what is good!

We are the children of OJALÁ!
We are the children of OJALÁ!

Somos los niños de OJALÁ!

Pintamos, plantamos, construimos y leemos;
Cantamos, bailamos y celebramos.

Encontramos lo bueno y lo aplaudimos,
Y nos quedamos con todo lo bueno!

Somos los niños de OJALÁ!
Somos los niños de OJALÁ!

Welcome to Ojala Niños!

Ojala Niños are over 100 children of all ages in the Otomí indigenous rural community of San Miguel Viejo, who now have access to free daily classes in arts, crafts, music, literacy, health, environment, social services, and many other essential and delightful activities.

This unique program is inspired by Albert Einstein’s words: “I don’t teach my students. I give them a place to learn!” The program offers alternative educational opportunities 5 afternoons a week, year round, at no charge. We provide space, materials, ideas and guidance as the principle focus for turning curiosity into exploration, discovery and learning. We emphasize the importance of social service and social justice in order to develop critical thinking skills, self confidence and sustainable work ethics. 

Other professionals and organizations offer special projects, trainings and field trips that greatly expand their awareness of their community and their world.

There is no age limit, no charge – and no child is turned away.

The word Ojala comes from the ancient Arabic “Inshala”, meaning God willing. In everyday Spanish here, it means the same. But hope for these children is an illusion without opportunity. Please read more about us below and how you can support our work and get involved!

Our Mission


To be a model for extra-curricular education in rural communities in Mexico for children of all ages, using art, music and literacy in a space for learning that inspires creativity and develops critical thinking skills and self-confidence.


To help children to expand these activities into cooperative businesses for sustainability.


To have the vision to create projects that will offer solutions to environmental, health and social justice issues in their own communities.

Meet the Kids!