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Monthly Report - May

May at Ojalá Niños has been a month full of new adventures and learning. This month, we continued to foster the growth of our children and moms through a variety of educational and recreational activities. With each experience, we aim to instill a love for knowledge and creativity, as well as strengthen our community. Here is a summary of the exciting activities and achievements we shared during this special month.

📊 Attendance Statistics 📊

This month we had a total of 507 attendances from 69 children and 14 moms, amounting to 167 hours of classes. We also welcomed three new members. WELCOME!


👩‍👧‍👦 Mother’s Day 👩‍👧‍👦

This year, we decided to give the moms of Ojalá a special day where they enjoyed a delicious meal, played games, and had fun. They also received small gifts we lovingly prepared for them. Happy Mother's Day!


🎨 Art 🎨

The children dedicated themselves to designing, assembling, and decorating a gift for their moms, a photo frame made from recycled materials, showing love and dedication to give a special gift to the woman they love the most.

🌈 Stained Glass 🌈

Juan Daniel's group has developed great skill in making glass pieces, strengthening their creativity, design, and artistic abilities.

🖌️ Textile Painting 🖌️

The strongest group of moms, practicing each of the techniques taught by the guide Laura, creating wonderful images and learning to imprint their own brand on each design.


💃 Dance 💃

Hanna, a volunteer at Ojalá, supported us with dance classes for the children during May, discovering each child's bodily skills to the rhythm of the music.


📚 Tutoring 📚

We learned about the structure and function of the analog clock, understanding how to read hours and minutes. The children identified bills and coins, and we simulated shopping, doing mental arithmetic using basic operations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

With the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, we worked on angles: right, obtuse, straight, and acute. They also recognized the differences and formulas to find the area and perimeter of basic geometric shapes.


🧠 Moms’ Psychological Group 🧠

The moms' group has remained active, continuing to work on their emotional stability, guided by the psychologist and the techniques she teaches in each session.


📖 Language 📖

The children, with the support of didactic and visual material, recognize semantical fields, numbers, letters, cleaning articles, kitchen items, and everyday life objects through listening and visually.


🇬🇧 English with Lisa 🇬🇧

Our dear Lisa gave her last English classes at Ojalá with much love and dedication, leaving a great impact on her students and the team. They learned a lot during this period, and Lisa recommended an online platform to continue practicing the language. We said goodbye to her with a delicious cake. THANK YOU, LISA!


🇬🇧 English with Betty 🇬🇧

The children identify with their own bodies where each part belongs and its meaning in English. They enjoy and smile with the activities Betty implements.


🧵 Sewing 🧵

The moms strengthen the Ojalá cooperative by making various items for sale, such as coasters, keychains, bags, and more.


🥋 Taekwondo 🥋

During May, teacher Maru Soria and her students voluntarily supported Ojalá with basic taekwondo classes for our little ones, which were very popular, full of discipline and fun.


🍎 Snack 🍎

The food provided by Ojalá to the children is balanced and rich in nutrients and minerals. However, sometimes we allow ourselves a “sweet” treat. The kids love it!


⏰ Tiempo Libre ⏰

Our doors are always open for the children, whether classes have started or have already ended. We are happy to see them play, learn, and enjoy a safe place. That is Ojalá Niños.


🎁 Donaciones 🎁

We thank volunteer Lisa for donating household items, toys, clothes, and books so that the families in the community can give them a second use. We also thank Adriana Delgado for donating a sofa for our space.


Thank you all for making this month full of achievements and gratitude at Ojalá Niños!

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