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Monthly Report - February

During the vibrant month of February, at Ojalá Niños, we continued to immerse ourselves in a world of learning, creativity, and solidarity. Throughout this period, our talented children and dedicated mothers participated in a wide range of enriching activities, spanning from art and sewing to exciting sports classes and academic reinforcement. Join us in discovering the fascinating experiences we shared together during this month filled with achievements and gratitude.

🎨 Art 🎨

The children sprang into action, gathering stones to begin their artwork. They created mandalas and other designs on them, reigniting their creativity in their designs.

🌈 Stained Glass 🌈

Under the guidance of Juan Daniel, the group began crafting bird and hummingbird figures, improving their technique with each passing day.

🖌️ Textile Painting 🖌️

Being the workshop of the moment, the mothers have shown great interest in learning to depict images and/or figures, primarily awakening their creativity.

💍 Jewelry Making 💍

We resumed the class, and the children have been very happy with it, reinforcing and putting into practice what they have learned.


📚 English (Adults) 📚

Teacher Lissa implemented an activity involving a letter, where students describe themselves using words previously learned in class.

📚 English (Children) 📚

Betty has introduced a technique for recognizing body parts, using the silhouette of one of the children as a model and placing hands, feet, nose, ears, mouth, etc., accordingly.


⚽ Sports ⚽

Our team welcomed teacher MIKI, who has been conducting various activities focused on physical dexterity, coordination, and teamwork.


🧵 Sewing 🧵

The ladies of Ojalá Niños have quickly learned about different sewing patterns possible on the machine, cutting more practically with the rotary cutter, and having greater precision, understanding, and following designs as perfectly as possible.


🔢 Academic Reinforcement 🔢

They learned about the calendar and its use, identified the months of the year and days of the week. They also explored the origin of the names of the days inspired by the planets. Additionally, they celebrated the meaning of Valentine's Day by making cards with their classmates' qualities and receiving lots of love, hugs, and chocolates.


⚖️ Balance ⚖️

We continued with the balance class, where Brenda has been our great support while the little ones have fun.


👥 Visit 👥

Friends of our dear Deborah came to visit our facilities, and the children welcomed them very energetically.


🎉 Brithdays of the Month 🎉

Valeria Nolasco

Miranda Samano

Marcos Torres

Lissa (Volunteer and guide for English classes)

Jazmín (Ojalá Mom)

Adriana (Ojalá Mom)


📝 Additional Note 📝

José Omar González Hernández

Teacher Gaby has managed to persuade Omar to continue his studies, committing to support him and seeking the support of INAEBA to finish his secondary education next September. BRAVO OMAR!


We extend our heartfelt thanks to all collaborators, volunteers, teachers, and community members who have significantly contributed to the activities of Ojalá Niños during the month of February. Your dedication and ongoing support are essential to the success of our mission in providing a space for learning, growth, and solidarity for our children and families.

Thank you all for making this month full of achievements and gratitude possible at Ojalá Niños!

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