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A Fragment from "The ‘Arte’ of Living Well in San Miguel"

One partner of the Little Things Matter Foundation is Ojalá Niños, a non-profit that empowers children living in indigenous San Miguel Viejo to hone their creative skills. We visited the community to collect stories for a heritage book we’re creating on the history and impact of this organization, which has served the Otomí people since Elsmarie Norby founded it in 2011. One student, Juan Daniel, age 19, learned how to make nature-inspired stained glass pieces such as this beautiful piece of sculpture I bought. Juan supplements his art training by teaching himself techniques with lead and other materials through free tutorials on YouTube. One day he aspires to create stained glass windows for churches. For now, every sale of a stained glass figurine gives Juan more means to help support his five siblings.

Artes de Mexico is among the local retailers that have carried artisanal goods created in the programs that Little Things Matter Foundation supports, including a woman’s cooperative called Manos y Corazones de Otoms. On this trip, we’re visiting other boutiques with samples of the candles and pom-pom key chains made by women of the Otomí community, including Juan Daniel’s mother, Celia.

Article Written by: Anna Clarck at HeriLoom Digital Source:

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