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Monthly Report - January

During the vibrant month of January, at Ojalá Niños, we immersed ourselves in a world of learning, creativity, and solidarity. Throughout this period, our talented children and dedicated mothers participated in a wide range of enriching activities, spanning from art and sewing to exciting sports classes and academic reinforcement. Join us in discovering the fascinating experiences we shared together during this month filled with achievements and gratitude.

👑 Three Kings Day 👑

As is tradition every year, Ojalá Niños has the pleasure of providing a gift to each child participating in our workshops. This year, in 2024, our dear John, Dani, and Alan became the 3 Wise Men, bringing joy and smiles to all the little ones.


🎨 Art 🎨

During January, in our art classes, children explored the fascinating world of primary colors and their various mixtures, while acquiring new painting techniques that stimulate their creativity and artistic expression.

🖌️ Textile Painting 🖌️

Our mothers are taking their first steps in this exciting workshop! With the guidance of teacher Laura, they are acquiring the necessary skills to master the art of fabric painting, exploring a world of creative possibilities.

🌈 Stained Glass 🌈

Our students are working on structuring their figures, learning the processes of gluing and soldering. And what better inspiration than the shared fascination for hummingbirds!


📚 English 📚

Under Denise's tutelage, our students have made remarkable progress in learning vowels, months of the year, days of the week, and ordinal numbers. A worthy achievement indeed!


⚽ Sports ⚽

The year has started with great enthusiasm in our sports activities. The children have shown exceptional participation, engaging in each training session with skill games, challenges, and general motor activities.


🧵 Sewing 🧵

Our mothers have been busy perfecting their sewing skills. From creating patterns to the final stitches, each step is an opportunity to grow and learn, preparing them for future projects with skill and precision.


🔢 Academic Reinforcement 🔢

During the past month, we focused on helping students from 4th to 6th grade understand key concepts in mathematics, such as fractions, their representation, and basic operations. For the younger ones, we explored the fascinating world of bees, integrating knowledge of mathematics, Spanish, geography, and biology into enriching activities.


🍎 Snack 🍎

The tastiest and most enjoyable part of our classes: snack time. Ana strives to offer balanced foods that nourish and satisfy our little ones during their time with us.


🎁 Donations 🎁

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Ángel, a faithful friend of Ojalá, for his generous gesture of donating some of his toys so that other children can also enjoy them. We also want to acknowledge the efforts of Bárbara and Gaby for securing clothing donations for families in our community.

🤝 Support 🤝

A special thank you to Jonh and Scott Provins for their valuable collaboration and assistance in decorating our space. Their support has been essential in creating a welcoming and stimulating environment for our children.


Thank you to everyone!

We want to express our deep gratitude to each person who has contributed in any way to our mission at Ojalá Niños.

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